Oh Boy, Oh Boy

This past weekend I was able to go home to Oregon and celebrate the upcoming arrival of one of my greatest friend’s baby boy! It was so much fun to help put together this shower for her and even more fun to celebrate her little boy! I am so excited for baby Davis to get here.

She loves giraffes so we went with baby boy blues and giraffes for the theme. We kept things fairly simple with a few accent decorations throughout. Another good friend made these adorable little giraffe prints we used on one of the tables. I found the funnest giraffe printed burlap and made a triangle banner with it. I also did a diaper cake for the first time. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, but I didn’t realize I need rubberbands, so I had to use scotch tape. It wasn’t bad, but rubberbands are probably less of a pain to take off. So if you are doing a diaper cake remember to buy a large amount of rubberbands! I used leftover giraffe burlap the wrap around the diapers and topped it off with a small stuffed animal giraffe. We did an ice cream bar and filled small mason jars with different toppings like oreos and gummy worms for people to choose. We also had fruits and veggies for people to snack on and lemonade with cute blue paper straws.

For games/activities we had onesie decorating, guess how big the mom’s belly is, and gift BINGO. I had never done onesie decorating before and it was fun to see everyone’s different ideas, they all turned out so cute! Gift BINGO was also really fun. We each filled out a BINGO sheet with different items we thought she might get and then we could cross them off as she opened gifts. I highly recommend it if you are looking for fun, easy baby shower games. For favors we went with blue gatorade bottles with a cute little tag that said ” It’s a boy”  with a blue giraffe. I had to do the giraffe in Photoshop, but I created the tag itself in Word. 

It was fun to help out with an event again. I love planning and putting together events! Of course the most fun came from getting to spend time with good friends and celebrate family and baby boy Davis! Congratulations Davis family! 

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