October snuck up on us and we didn’t pull out any Halloween things until last week! It took a little bit of fanagling to figure out where to put everything. I got so used to our townhome that it took me some time to wrap my mind around how to decorate our new house. I think it will get easier with each holiday as I get more comfortable with decorating our new space.  This year I picked up a few new items like my candy jars and glitter pumpkins. I love my new candy jars from Taipan, they are so fun and add some variety to all my pumpkins. I’ve never had a porch to decorate, so that was an entirely new space for me. I saw a photo on Pinterest with old milk cans and pumpkins and fell in love. When I saw a lady selling old milk cans on Facebook, I jumped on them. I’m sure I will tweak a few things next year, but I love how they turned out with our pumpkins. I also added our twig ball string lights to the stair rails as a fun extra feature. I think they will be great for trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

If you’re looking for some last minute Halloween ideas pick up some fabric scraps or tissue paper to make a Halloween tassle banner or pick up some small pumpkins from the grocery store and paint them to add a fun splash of color to your decor. If you have better handwriting than me (I’m sure you do!) grab a sharpie and an old jar and draw up a fun Halloween design or saying on the jar, fill it with gummy worms or other candy and wala!

Happy Decorating!

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