DIY Football Costume

My son C absolutely loves football and would watch it all the time if he could. Even though he won’t remember this Halloween I decided it would be fun if his costume was related to the one thing he loved, so naturally we went with a football player. I thought about buying one of those premade football player kits you can buy at Target, but they don’t come in C’s size, I decided to make it. I looked on Pinterest for some tutorials, but couldn’t really find what I wanted. I ended up pulling up a picture of the BYU football jersey’s and then making it up from there.

Carter football

1. I started with a white t-shirt from Walmart. If your  team’s jersey isn’t white use those colors instead.

2. It was way to big for C, so I took one of his shirts and trimmed down the white shirt. I took in the sides and sleeves and then hemmed the bottom.

3. Cut the V neck. Had I thought ahead I would have bought a V neck shirt and this project would have instantly become 3 times easier, but I didn’t so I had to cut the neck into a V and then doctor it up so it fit and looked like the BYU football jerseys. I used the original collar to hem the V and then filled it in with the eI ended up having to adjust it after I had finished because the neck opening was just too big on him, but I think it turned out just fine.

4. Sew in shoulder pads. I picked up some tear drop shoulder pads at JoAnns and sewed them into the shoulder of the jersey.

5. Do jersey embellishments. I am not super great at free handing things so I bought iron on flocked vinyl and used my Sillouette to cut out the number, name, and logo. It was super easy and so far it is really durable! For the name on the back of the jersey I used the font “Mandatory.” For the numbers I used the font “Superstar MS4.” For the “Y” logo I found the image on Google and then traced it in Sillouette. The stripes on the sleeves are also flocked vinyl.

jersey back

6. Finishing touches. I wanted the jersey to look realistic so I added a Nike swoosh and the three stripes you see on Nike procombat jerseys. I used fabric glue for both. I should have done the swoosh in vinyl, but decided it wasn’t too bad after all.

7. Football pants. I grabbed a pair of sweatpants in the next size down from C at Walmart and then sewed large shoulder pads into the legs to fill them out. It was the easiest part of the costume!

Carter football hike carter wagon

I know Halloween is tomorrow, but this costume was super easy and if you can find a V neck in your child’s size it is a breeze. You can use iron on material, vinyl or fabric for the jersey embellishments or you can use fabric paint. Add some sweat pants and your cute child and you are all set to go!!


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