4 easy ways to make your home smell like the holidays

There is something nostalgic about smells, especially during the holiday season. Sometimes it can be hard to fill your home with the smells you love, however there are some simple ways you can bring those beloved smells home.

ways to make your home smell like the holidays

1. If you prefer fake Christmas trees, but miss the smell of a real tree check out these scented ornaments. They are dark green and blend right in with your tree. I have been using these for a couple Christmases now and I love them. They are not too overwhelming, but they last forever! Okay, maybe not forever, but mine have lasted me two years and still smell wonderful. I think I picked mine up at Home Depot, but you can also buy them on Amazon.


2. Sometimes I have a hard time with scented sprays, they can be a little much for me, but I absolutely love Glade’s winter collection sprays. We bought a special edition three pack at Costco and it is perfect for bringing the smells of the holiday to our home. My current favorites are the Sparkling Spruce and the Maple Waffles. Most grocery stores will carry these.


3. One of my favorite holiday smells is cinammon pine cones. These are easy to find at pretty much any grocery store and are a simple decoration. If you don’t like looking at them you can stash them in a corner and just enjoy their smell.


4. If you are into candle warmers, you can pick up some great holiday scents like Fir Tree, Cranberry, Apple Cinnamon, and Creme Brulee. I have Scentsy smells below, but I love the ones from Taipan Trading.

9ec140a2e0720d8b0e46a72ae9195245What are your favorite holiday smells?

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