Christmas Countdown Chalkboard

Christmas is only 6 days away you guys! I probably should have done this craft a month ago, but I didn’t, so here it is!

Christmas Countdown Chalkboard

I was over at a friends house and her roommates were doing this adorable craft. As soon as I left her house I picked up the supplies so I could make one for myself. This was the first time I had seen it so I’m excited to share it with you!

What you’ll need: 

Holiday Charger – I picked mine up at the Dollar Tree

Bow – I also got mine at the Dollar Tree, but you can pick them up basically anywhere

Chalkboard Paint – Mine is from Jo-Anns, it works great, but you can find this at any craft or home improvement store. Make sure you get chalkBOARD paint, not chalk paint.

Hot Glue Gun – I tried super glue and it didn’t work, so I would go with hot glue.

Chalk & Paper towel or fabric scrap


1st – make sure the charger is cleaned off and paint the first layer of chalkboard paint. If you don’t want to use as many layers of chalkboard paint you can paint a base layer with black acrylic paint. Once that has dried apply your first layer of chalkboard paint. Make sure you let the paint dry all the way, it takes about an hour.

1st layer

2nd – apply the next layer of chalkboard paint. If you do a base layer of acrylic you will probably only have to do two layers of the chalkboard paint. If you don’t it will take about 4 layers, be sure and let the layers dry most of the way to all of the way between painting.

3rd layer

3rd – once your paint has dried and you are happy with the thickness you need to let it cure. This takes about a day, so you will have to set it aside and come back to it.

4th – after your paint has cured you can prime it and start writing! To prime your chalkboard take your chalk and use the side to create wide brush strokes all over your board. Then take your paper towel or fabric scrap and wipe off the chalk. Remember that every time you wash your chalkboard you will need to prime it. If you wipe it off with a dry cloth you will not need to prime it.

5th – write your Christmas countdown! As you can tell I do not have adorable chalk handwriting, but it works for us! If you want a finer look I suggest buying a chalk pen (you can get them at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels) and using that.

6th – add your bow. I put my bow pretty high up on the charger to make sure you could read my countdown. I used hot glue to apply the bow.

7th – find a new home to show off your Christmas countdown!

Final Countdown

If you wanted to use your chalkboard for more than just Christmas you could use 3M adhesive vinyl and switch out the bows for the different holidays. You could even use it for birthdays and other parties. This is also a great countdown for kids. They can write the number each day and there is little mess 🙂

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