Holiday Style : Kitchen and Front Porch

Merry Christmas Eve! My family traditionally celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, but we are at my in-laws this year so we are traveling and taking care of a sick baby! Here is the last of my Christmas decoration while we are off on vacation.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!


I usually do a garland on our staircase, but our staircase in our new home goes down into the basement and isn’t really a focal point in our home, so this year I decided to decorate the kitchen and use my garland around the window and above my cupboards. To say my family loved it was an understatement. My son walks into the kitchen every morning and asks for the “bights” (lights). I kept it pretty simple, but it added a fun festive feeling to our kitchen. I decorated the garland around the window with my star collection. Do you have certain decorations or ornaments you collect for Christmas?

I saw the cute idea of doing a Christmas Card Tree on Pinterest and used our pantry door as an experiment. I need some work on my tape star, but I really enjoyed how it turned out.

Front Porch:

We actually have a front porch now, it isn’t huge, but it is a porch that I can decorate. I picked up my usual Costco wreath, I love their wreaths, and used pre-lit garlands for the railings. I found my Santa and reindeer at Taipan Trading the other day. They were too cute not to pick up!

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