Mailbox Makeover

When we bought our house the mailbox was in need of some love. With everything else we were working on it wasn’t really at the top of our list so we left it to be until we got a notice from the post office that our mailbox was not up to neighborhood standards. I laughed really hard mainly because we live in an older neighborhood with average homes and average mailboxes. Once I was done laughing at the notice I opened Pinterest to look at some ways I could whip our mailbox into shape. I wanted a clean, simple design that would hold up well against the weather. After looking at different designs on Pinterest I decided to go with a bronzed oil spray paint and white vinyl.



Bronzed Oil Spray Paint

Clear Matte Spray Paint

White Vinyl

Vinyl cutter


White paint and a stencil


First I took off the old numbers and cleaned the mailbox off. Then I covered it with two coats of bronzed oil spray paint. I let the spray paint dry completely and then I applied my vinyl lettering and numbers. I used my Silhouette to design and cut out my vinyl. I used Parisienne font for our name and Century Schoolbook font for our house number. I also used Century Schoolbook for the letter on the front of the mailbox. After I had applied the vinyl and smoothed it all out I used clear matte spray paint to seal everything up. This was a simple, fast project that made a big difference. If you don’t have a vinyl cutter you could use a stencil and white paint and it would turn out great too!

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