Bathroom Makeover

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I am officially done with my graduate school program which means I finally have time to do projects and blog about them! I have a few projects I finished during school that I still need to blog about, but I’ll get there. Today I want to show you my makeover of our main bathroom. We only have two bathrooms which means our “master bath” is also our sons bathroom and the bathroom guests use when they are on the main floor of our home. A couple of months ago our babysitter painted the cabinets in her bathroom and it got me thinking about redoing ours. I wanted something clean and simple ( I think I say that with every project I do!) and something that wouldn’t go out of style.Before.after

I went with a navy blue, the exact color is Calligraphy by Behr. It has a slight grey tint to it which is perfect because our tile is tan with pink and grey accents. It was a lot easier to paint the cabinets than I thought it would be, I took the doors off and laid them on my kitchen table. I always use paint and primer in one, so I did two coats of paint and then touched up wherever needed. I sanded the mirror down and used Minwax grey wood stain. I thought about leaving it the same color, but the grey really tied everything together. I picked up a new shower curtain at Walmart for five dollars on clearance, score! I also got a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder from Walmart. I picked up a basket for on top of the toilet and basket for other decor from Target. The other basket is from Taipan Trading that I got a few years ago. The rugs are from Ikea. They are awesome rugs and a great price! I also replaced the knobs on the cabinet doors. I found a pair that are the exact same finish as the hinges so everything is the same!



It’s amazing the difference painting the cabinets made! Now I have a bathroom that I really love and feel great about when guests come over.

 A few tips for painting – I couldn’t take the rods off of the towel racks so I used vaseline around them so I could paint in the cracks and then wipe off whatever got on the towel rod. You might have to do it a couple times to get it all, but I thought it was way easier than trying to tape the rods. Also I used rustoleum water based sealer as a top coat. I like it because it doesn’t turn yellow after it dries and it makes it easy to clean. You can also use a wax finish. Also I would elevate the cabinet doors when you are painting them so the edges don’t stick to whatever they would be laying on. There are so many tutorials on Pinterest for painting your cabinets, if you ever decide to do it you will do great!

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