Flower Adventures

Thank you so much for all of your love and support! It is scary and hard to be vulnerable and put your struggles out there for people to see, but I hope it helped others who are struggling. Everyone was so kind and I truly appreciate that.

Now I want to show you one of my latest projects. My husband’s cousin recently got married and I had the opportunity to create a bouquet for her groomal photos. If you want to know more about groomals you can read a funny post and see some beautiful photos here.

I had never made a bouquet before, so it was an adventure running around getting all the flowers and then putting the bouquet together. I read a lot of DIY bouquet tutorials and looked at a lot of bouquets on Pinterest to get an idea of what I was doing. You can see some of them here. My first try was terrible and I was rethinking my bright idea to do the bouquet, but I carried on and am so glad I did! For my second try I decided to use hydrangeas as my base and filled it out with roses and mini carnations. I used baby’s breath, greenery similar to Nagi, and weeds (yes I said weeds), for the finishing touches.

I had a bunch of leftover flowers so I made two other bouquets just to see what I could do with the flowers I had. It was a fun adventure and the bouquet worked great for her photos, so I think I will call it a success. I would love to learn more about flower arrangements and even wish I had taken the class at BYU! It’s definitely something I will keep playing around with and working on.

Congratulations Tara and Juan Carlos and thanks for letting me help out with your special day!

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