Faux Metal Letters

Hi guys, I am finally back from my blogging break! Now that I’m not in school I am trying to find a good balance between life and projects, so hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of me around!

Today I have a fun project that I did all the way back in April – Faux Metal Letters. I love the look of tin letters, they are vintage, but industrial and can be used for all sorts of different things. There are a variety of tutorials on Pinterest for how to get the tin look with cardboard letters, but after searching around I decided to try something new.


Hammered Tin Spray Paint

Distress Paint – I got mine from JoAnn’s

Chalkboard paint – Really any black paint would work

Jewelry Brads – You could also use paper brads, I just picked these up at JoAnn’s

Cardboard letters

Full spray bottle (not pictured)

I started by taking the silver brads and putting them in the corners of my letters. I use a knife to poke a small hole in the letter and then shoved the brad down in. I had to super glue some of the brads down to keep them in place.

Once the brads were in place I took the letters outside and spray painted them with my hammered tin spray paint. I really like this spray paint because it gave the letters a base texture that I could work off of.

After the letters dried I brought them inside and starting working with my distress paint. I have to tell you guys this stuff is awesome! You use it with water to give whatever you are working with a water stained look. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but you know how when you spill water on something and it dries splotchy? That is exactly what this paint does. Using the bottle you dab it on and then I sprayed water on the letters and use a paper towel to dab at it. This gave the letters some dimension to them and really brought them to life.

You can repeat this as much as you want until you get the look you are going for. I wanted my letters to look like they had some dents and splotches. After I finished with the silver distress paint I added some copper distress paint and black chalkboard paint around the edges here and there for a little rust and grease.

Let your letters dry and you are all finished! I loved how easy this was to do and how similar the letters look to tin letters when you are all done. I will definitely be using this method again in the future!

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