Pirate Costume DIY

Pirate Costume final

A few weeks ago I asked C what he wanted to be for Halloween thinking he would say Mickey Mouse since that is his favorite show right now and was a little surprised when he said he wanted to be a pirate. He really likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney, so I’m assuming that’s where it came from. He’s only 2.5 so I waited a week and asked him again and when he answered with pirate every time I decided to go with it. I thought about buying one from the store or Amazon, but I just wasn’t a huge fan of the ones I saw so we went the homemade route. It turned out really cute and was a pretty fast project.


I had some of the supplies like the shoes and the paint pen, but I grabbed everything else on a quick trip to Walmart.

ShirtI bought a woman’s shirt and upcycled it. If you can find a pirate like shirt in your child’s size, SCORE!

Black sweatpants

Striped Socks or tights 

White craft foam sheet

Black feltI bought the felt rectangles from Walmart. They were 23 cents a sheet, but a little small. If your child is olderthan 2 I would recommend getting one of the larger sheets from a craft store like JoAnns or Hobby Lobby. However the rectangles work great for the pirate boots.

Gold Paint Pen

Sample Fabric SquaresI used these for the sash, headband and feather for the hat. I used maroon for the sash and headband and a gold patterned fabric for the feather.

ShoesYou can use black dress shoes or rain boots.

Glue Gun or Needle and Black Thread

Clear Elmers Glue



I was hoping I could find a flowy cream shirt in the girls section that would work, but there was nothing! I spotted this women’s shirt on my way to the checkout and figured I could make it work. The shirt was a size 16x and I used a 3T girls t-shirt as my pattern. I folded both shirts in half and laid my pattern shirt on top of the other shirt. After I cut out the shirt I pinned it together and sewed it up leaving arm holes. I sized the sleeves down to the 3T shirt, but kept the length of the original shirt. Pirate shirts have flowy sleeves and the original shirt had roll up sleeves with a button creating a larger bottom of the sleeve when sized down. I attached the sleeves with the seam inside out giving it a little bit of drama. To finish the top I zigzag hemmed the bottom of the shirt.


I bought 18M sweatpants and cut them off to hit a little higher than mid calf on my son. I used a pair of his jeans to measure. Then I cut triangles out of the pants to give them a jagged look. I used maroon fabric from a sample fabric square to make the sash for his waist.


I wasn’t quite sure what C wanted for shoes or what I thought would look the best so I made two options. The first was gold buckled shoes. To do this I cut buckles out of white foam and then use a metallic gold paint pen to color them. I used scrapbook tape strips to attach them to his black church shoes. The second option is pirate boots. To make these I took a sheet of black felt and holding it hot dog style I folded and tucked it into his black rain boot. Both are super easy! We may even use both depending on what the weather is when we actually go Trick-or-Treating.


To do the hat I used this tutorial I found on Pinterest. The felt I had was a little small, but it worked. My only additions to her tutorial would be to use clear glue to stiffen the felt. I used a soccer ball to shape the felt and I found that it just wasn’t keeping its shape when it dried so I painted clear elmers glue with some water over the hat while it was wet on the soccer ball. Once it dried it was just stiff enough to hold its shape. Once I attached the brim I sewed the sides up to make the tricorn shape. I was going to use my glue gun, but couldn’t find it, you could do either. She used bias tape in her tutorial, but I used the gold paint pen and it worked great and was less work! To finish the hat off I took my gold material and ripped it into strips and tied them together to make a fabric feather. I tucked the knot into the hat and called it good.

Finished Costume

I love how this costume turned out. It was pretty fast and turned out really cute. C enjoyed running around in it and has been working on his pirate sayings. I picked up a $2 sword in the costume section at Walmart for a finishing touch and he is in heaven… boys 🙂 Hope you have a Happy Halloween! And if you need a last minute costume maybe the pirate life is the life for you!

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