Weekly Workout

Hi everyone! I recently started working out again and thought it would be fun to post the workouts I do each week. I normally do a lot of cardio and love programs like Insanity, but being pregnant I don’t really want to modify Insanity and running isn’t the most comfortable thing these days. I get bored easily and it can be hard to motivate myself to workout, especially the farther along in this pregnancy I get. But, I really want to be healthy and be able to bounce back faster after labor so I am really making an effort to workout. When I was looking at different workouts to do there were so many that I wanted to try so I’ve started picking a prenatal workout from the web and doing it for a week and then picking a different one the next week. I figured since I would be collecting these different workouts I would share them with all of you, so here we go!

Last week I did a Bikini Body Mommy (BBM) prenatal workout and a leg workout from popsugar.com. I pay a $1 monthly subscription to BBM for her workout videos, but the popsugar workout is a free video. Since I couldn’t link you up with my workout from BBM I took a screen shot of the list of all the exercises you do during the workout.

Bikini Body Mommy Workout 2

I love all of the workouts on BBM and would say it’s definitely worth the $1 subscription! I use two 5lb weights for the workout, but you could use more or less. Exercise #5 starts with the weights at your waist and you go out and up into a press and back down. Exercise #7 you have one arm out to the side and one arm in front of you and you raise your arms up and down and then twist to the other side and repeat. Just go back and forth from one side to the other for a minute. #8 is on the ground and you reach and extend with opposite arm and leg. There is a 3 minute warm up that consists of marching in place and stretching. The workout including the warmup lasts about 15 min and is pretty simple. If you want to check out her website it is bikinibodymommy.com.

I felt like I needed something extra along with the BBM workout so I found this 10 min leg workout on popsugar.com. It is specifically for pregnant ladies and works your upper legs and butt. You can definitely feel the burn, but it feels great! I also use 5lb weights for these exercises. Checkout the WORKOUT HERE.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! I will try and post a new workout each Monday. Also if you have a prenatal workout you love and want to share let me know, I would love to try it!

Happy Monday and happy working out!

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