Lake Cabin Sign

Hey guys! Remember those faux metal letters I showed you a couple weeks ago? Well, I promise I didn’t just spell the word “lake” for fun. I used them to make a sign for my family’s lakehouse back in Oregon this summer. I saw LAKE sign at JoAnns in April and loved it, however I did not love the price. Knowing I had wood in my shed and I could make the letters for a decent price I calculated out that I would be able to do the sign for about 1/5th of the price! Obviously labor isn’t included in my cost and it takes some labor, but it was worth not paying $60 plus for the sign and I loved getting to try out some new techniques.

Joanns sign

Here is the sign JoAnn’s had. The letters were acutal metal, but I think mine turned out pretty good.


Metal Lettersreal or faux. Check out the tutorial for my faux letters here.

WoodI had wood leftover from some house projects out in the shed. You could pick some up at Home Depot for not too expensive though.

Whitewash SuppliesI wanted my wood to have a grey undertone so I used a steel wool and vinegar mixture to stain my wood and then I used white chalk paint to whitewash it. The steel wool and vinegar mixture takes a couple days to come together so if you wanted to do this project a little fast you could easily use a grey stain of your choice.

AdhesiveI used a glue gun to attach my letters to the wood, but you could use any adhesive you wanted.

Lake Sign08 (FB)

Stain Process

I really wanted the sign to have a driftwood, beachy feel to it since it was going to our family lakehouse on the coast. There are a lot of different ways to do this, but I thought it would be fun to try steel wool and vinegar. I kept seeing tutorials on Pinterest and loved the look it gives. It’s a little bit of a process as the mixture has to sit for a few days so the steel wool dissolves. I ended up doing about 3 coats letting each one dry about an hour in between applying. The end result was a greyish purple looking stain. I loved how the look varied so much on one piece of wood due to the knots and grooves of the wood.


I used white chalk paint from Home Depot to whitewash the wood. Instead of painting the whole board I painted streaky sections across the board and then used a rag to rub the paint in and across the board. This gave the board a good whitewash feel as it let the grey show through and it was uneven in a strategic way.

Finished Sign

Because the letters are cardboard I used hot glue to attach them to the wood. You could use a number of adhesives to attach them, but hot glue worked the best for me. Once you attach your letters find a great place for the sign to hang and you are all done! This summery sign is a great way to add some beachy decor to any room. I chose the word lake because this was going to our lakehouse, but you could do any word and add some beach charm to your decor with this style of sign.

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