Weekly Workout: Workout 2

Good morning ladies! Are you ready for this week’s workout? I am working on getting a video plugin for the blog which will allow me to put the videos here and you can just watch them on the blog rather than a link, but for now here are the links with some information.

Main Workout – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPP0tJUgjaQ. The title of this video is “2nd trimest workout 2” by Colleen Riddle. This workout felt a little slower paced at first, but it picks up well and by the end of the week my arms were dead and I was super sore! Also, I don’t have a workout ball so I used one of my sons big bouncy balls and it worked great, so don’t shy away just because you don’t think have all the equipment.

Supplemental Workouts – I supplemented this workout with the leg workout from last week. I have always been a leg person and I didn’t feel like my legs were getting what they needed so adding the extra 10 minutes of legs was perfect. Because I didn’t want to over do it I alternated it with a 2nd trimester core workout. My last pregnancy I was too afraid to do any core work, but I now know that it is not only safe to do (unless your doctor says otherwise!) but good for your body!! You may think you won’t get a good core workout with a pregnant belly, but prepare to be changed! This core workout is only 7 minutes, but oh boy does it burn and it feels so good.

How did last week’s workout go for you? If you find a workout you love, send it my way I would love to try it out.

I’ll leave you with a little tip- Buy some pregnancy workout clothes! If you’re small and your normal workout clothes fit then count your lucky stars and if not go invest in some pregnancy workout wear. Being comfortable makes a huge difference when working out. If your clothes fit right working out will feel so much better than if you felt your belly was being squished or squeezed in all the wrong places. They don’t have to be expensive, I picked up some nice workout leggings at Ross and I have some spandex shorts from Walmart that I use. I made a splurge purchase on yoga leggings from Target the other day and I love them, definitely worth a little bit more money.


Happy Working out!

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