Weekly Workout Series: Week 4

Hey guys!

How did last week go? As promised I have another workout for you this week and it is awesome! This week’s main workout is another Bikini Body Mommy Workout, if you haven’t subscribed DO!! It’s $1.99 and you get a bunch of great workouts for busy moms, pregnant or not. This workout really gets your lower body and I was most definitely sore after. To get a full body workout, I added a 10 minute arm workout from Popsugar fitness. It isn’t a pregnancy workout, so I modified some of the moves, but is still a great workout.


Bikini Body Mommy – http://members.bikinibodymommy.com/pre-natal-post-natal-series/

  1. These are a type of jump squats, jump out when you squat and in when you stand up. You can modify it by stepping in and out switching your feet each squat.
  2. Modify by doing this at a walk
  3. Also can modify by doing it as a walk
  4. These can be modified the same way as the #1.
  5. Rather than jumping on these I did the squat and then did a calf raise instead of jumping.
  6. You can step side to side if you don’t feel like you can do these. It is a ski jump exercise.

Bikini Body Mommy Workout 3

Popsugar Arm Workout – http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Arm-Workout-Video-10-Minutes-34797716

10 min arm workout


Hope you guys love this workout! Also, I can’t remember if i’ve said this before, but I usually play these videos on my husband’s laptop and his speakers don’t work so if the instructors drive you crazy, I’m sorry! Just turn the sound off and workout to your favorite jam, tv show, or silence 🙂

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