Weekly Workout Series: Week 5

Hey everyone, I promise I will get back to posting this workout on Mondays, but it’s up so we will just go with it for right now.

Thanksgiving is this week and if you are anything like me you don’t feel like eating for at least a week after Thursday’s meal. Gaining weight is a natural part of pregnancy, but just like when you aren’t pregnant it’s important to try not to over do it and have balance. Exercise is a great way to achieve balance and that pumpkin pie is always a little yummier if I I’ve been exercising and creating balance in my life during the holiday season. Don’t get me wrong, pumpkin pie is always delicious and I will never turn it down even if I haven’t worked out!!

Long story short, I encourage you to still try and get some exercise in this week even though it’s a little crazier than usual! If you are traveling this week try and get in a short workout whether that’s a 10-15 min walk or a simple circuit. It will help with swelling while you travel and get your body working before it has to sit in a car or on a plane for an extended amount of time.

And now our workout :

Workout week 5

And surprise, surprise when I went to post the link it put in the whole video! Check it out below and happy exercising.


Now don’t forget to enjoy some pumpkin pie this week!

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