Weekly Workout Series: Workout 6

Workout 6

Hey everyone, sorry I missed last week! If you didn’t see my last post my husband and son were sick over the Thanksgiving break and then I caught Strep from my son at the beginning of last week, so working out did not happen.

Thankfully we are all back to normal and I have the energy to workout again. I’m officially 32 weeks this week and it is getting harder to workout, but with some creativity I’m able to get a decent full body workout.  I didn’t workout at all when I was pregnant with my son and I can tell you I feel so much better this time around and I know exercise is a big part of that.

This week’s workout is a video from Colleen Riddle. I did one of her workout videos a few weeks ago and decided to try out one of her 3rd trimester videos. Because I was sick last week and didn’t workout, I haven’t done this workout yet so we get to do it together and see how it goes!


I’m also adding in a core workout! A lot of people are afraid to workout their core during pregnancy, but having a strong core is important for delivery and recovery. This is a short 6 1/2 min workout that is safe for the 3rd trimester. I usually do core workouts every other day, but if you feel up to it go ahead and do it everyday.

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