How We Wore It // Holiday Plaid

I am so excited to be teaming up with Brooke from Silver Linings and so many other wonderful bloggers for this month’s How We Wore It. How We Wore it is a monthly collaboration Brooke does with a bunch of different bloggers. I finally remembered to sign up last month, and I’m so glad I did!

A little background on how this works. She {Brooke} sends all of us the same “inspiration outfit” and then asks us to create an outfit based on the photo. The outfit is our creative take on the original photo and can be inspired by any aspect of the photo. The real challenge is to create the outfit out of clothes we already own.

I love this concept because we all see outfits on Pinterest, in stores, or on other people that we love, but few of us have the ability to go out and buy that exact outfit. This challenge really requires you to think outside the box and make use of the clothes you already own, maybe realizing your closet it greater than you think it is!

Now to the good stuff! This month’s outfit came from Because Shanna Said So.

Inspiration photo

I was so excited when I opened my email and saw the photo Brooke sent us. This look is so casual and fun, but still put together and perfect for the holiday season. I had a lot of different ideas go through my head when I first saw the photo and I put together a few outfits. In the end though I kept coming back to what I loved about this outfit which was how casual, yet dressy it was, so I went with something that filled those requirements.

A few disclaimers before I show you my take on this outfit.

  1. Posing for pictures for a fashion post is just about the most awkward thing I’ve ever done. Thankfully no one was around.
  2. I’m 8 months pregnant which makes posing even more awkward.
  3. My son was casually kicking snow off the edge of the river bank, so I was trying to keep my eye on him in between every photo making it even more awkward to post. {That same child is currently playing pretend dinosaurs and cars as I speak. Boys are the best.}
  4. Have I told you I’m not at all a fashion blogger and this was really awkward yet? Hahaha

In all actuality I really loved putting this post together because my current mood when it comes to clothing and fashion can pretty much be summed up with this article and photo from Cosmo.nrm_1434558103-58382061

So doing this challenged me to go through my closet and find outfits that still make me feel cute and put together even when I’m feeling more like a beached whale.

How We Wore It 2 [Indian Summer]

How We Wore It 3 [Indian Summer]

How We Wore It 7 [Indian Summer]

How We Wore It 5 [Indian Summer]

Sweater // Banana Republic

Dress // JcPenney, I added black to the bottom for length

Shoes // DSW

Scarf // Real Deals

Purse // Old, but here is a similar one.


How We Wore It 8 [Gentle Color Butter Film]

Leather Jacket // Costco

I went with a black ruffled holiday dress and paired it with black tights, my favorite tan booties, an oversized sweater, and my reindeer scarf. I loved her plaid scarf, but I don’t own any buffalo plaid, and when I saw the photo, I immediately thought of my reindeer scarf. It’s one of my favorite holiday accessories. I also don’t own any leopard print {however, I wish I did}, but as I was thinking about the different possibilities for this outfit, I remembered I had a giraffe print purse that would be perfect to tie everything together. I love oversized sweaters, so when I saw this on sale at Banana Republic earlier in the fall I had to have it. It is so cozy and is perfect for snuggling up in at home or keeping you warm when you are out and about.

For more of a date night look that kept that casualness of my original idea but was a little dressier, I traded my sweater for a leather jacket. I love that I still felt so comfortable and casual, but more appropriate to go out to dinner with my husband.

Now that you’ve seen my take on this month’s outfit head check out all the other fun bloggers and their cute outfits! And be sure and stop by Brooke’s blog and signup for next months collaboration!

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14 thoughts on “How We Wore It // Holiday Plaid

  1. Bringing in the animal print with the giraffe bag!!! I LOVE IT!!! I have that bag too. You look amazing. I wouldn’t have guessed you were that far along at all. Get it girl!!


    1. Yes, Costco! I got it last year though, so I don’t know if they have it this year. They did have brown when I got it. Check online, sometimes they have jackets that they don’t carry in stores. Thank you!


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