Chalkboard Advent Calendar

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Hey there everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas holiday with your loved ones and ate plenty of delicious treats. I had every intention of blogging, but we got busy with family and traveling and then we all had nasty colds when we got home, so you know… good intentions < real life!

Before I jump into 2016 I wanted to share the advent calendar we did this year. I’ve done a simple, fun calendar in years past, but this year I really wanted to focus on the purpose of the Christmas season and do activities that were more on the spiritual side, so I did a scripture advent calendar.

I scoured the internet for ideas because I still wanted it to be appealing to my 2.5 yr old son, while helping us focus on the savior. I found a set of advent scriptures that were about Christ’s birth, life, and ministry and then created a countdown Christmas tree on one of my favorite chalkboards.

My white chalk pen was out, so I had to use regular sidewalk chalk which isn’t as clean, but it got the job done. I did white numbers and then used my red chalk pen for some festive polka dots. I used a large wicker gold star as an accent piece at the top of my tree. For the ornaments, I cut small circles out of some fun Christmas craft paper I had. On the back of each ornament I placed a scripture from the advent I found. Each night before bed my son would pick the ornament for the day and then he would place it on the tree and we would read the scripture. I used craft tape squares to attach the ornaments to the tree. I used a paper goodie bag to hold the ornaments and tape squares.

My son really loved getting to pick the ornaments out and place them on the tree each night. If we started to go to bed without doing our scripture he would promptly remind us! It was great to have an activity that helped my husband and I focus more on Jesus Christ during the Christmas season while including my son and giving him something to look forward to each night. This will definitely be a tradition for our family!

Scripture Advent 1 [CC Rich Autumn]

How do you like to make the Christmas season more spiritual while also making it fun for your kids? 



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