How We Wore It // Bright Colors

I am excited to be back for How We Wore It this month. Sweet Brooke is due with twins this summer and Deidre has taken over this fun collaboration for her.

If you’re new or don’t remember how it works here is a quick background –

The month before the post we all get an “inspiration outfit” from Deidre and our task is to create an outfit based on the photo. The outfit is our creative take on the original photo and can be inspired by any aspect of the photo. The real challenge is to create the outfit out of clothes we already own.

I love this concept because we all see outfits on Pinterest, in stores, or on other people that we love, but few of us have the ability to go out and buy that exact outfit. This challenge really requires you to think outside the box and make use of the clothes you already own, maybe realizing your closet it greater than you think it is!

Now to the good stuff! This month’s outfit came from Chic Street Style.

I was so excited when I opened my email because her outfit is on point in so many ways. I love how she paired a bold colored top with an equally bold colored jacket. The jeans and bronze pumps tie it all in and help balance the overall feel of the outfit.

I am a fan of brightly colored tops and own quite a few, but I feel like I’ve become more of a clothes conservative as I’ve gotten older and tend to go with nuetrals the most. I was excited to do this and re-ignite my love of colorful tops! I loved how colorful, yet simple her outfit was so I wanted mine to be along those lines. I also wanted to create something I would be comfortable wearing with my kids in tow and that I could nurse in {mom life}! I was a little nervous to do this month because babies change your body and baby girl is just barely two months, so I’ve got a lot of work to do as far as getting back into 90% of my jeans. But it was good to challenge myself and remind me that I can still pull off something cute and comfortable while getting back in shape.

March - How We Wore It - 02

March - How We Wore It - 01

Jacket  // Banana Republic
Top // Gap
Pants // Gap
Shoes // Payless
Clutch // Fossil

I love jackets and had a few that immediately came to mind when I saw the inspiration photo. I chose this orange Banana Republic one because I love the collar and it’s bright orange color really popped with my top. It is a little heavier than some, but still really lightweight and perfect for keeping you warm on those breezy spring days. My top is an oldie but a goodie! I’ve always loved it bold pink color and the pleating details on the sleeves and down the front are so sweet and feminine. It also buttons so I can wear it while nursing – win!

March - How We Wore It - 09

March - How We Wore It - 07

March - How We Wore It - 06

I grabbed these jeans because they have the best stretch and a higher waist than a lot of jeans so they are perfect for covering up my post baby pooch 😊.{ It is amazing what good stretch and a good waist can do for hiding some of those problems areas. Same for my top, it has just enough flow to hide things, but not too much flow so it is still slimming. } My shoes are from Payless’s spring line from last year. They are super comfy and I could wear them all day, if we are talking comfort. However, I would probably throw on a pair of flats if I was out with the kids all day because 1) my three old is a mover and it’s just easier to chase a kid in flats, am I right? 2) these get slippery if your feet get sweaty, which mine can do. If I could fix that problem I really would wear them a ton more!

March - How We Wore It - 03

My necklace is from Burlington Coat Factory – Hands down my favorite place to pick up cute statement necklaces on a low budget. Last but not least my clutch is a Fossil clutch that I got when I was high school. I love the birds on it and its size is perfect for all the necessities for a lunch date with the girls or dinner out on the town.

March - How We Wore It - 04

March - How We Wore It - 05

{As always a big thank you to my husband for taking my pictures. You can check him out at Pushpin Pictures or over at Instagram @pushpinpictures.}
Now that you’ve seen my take on this month’s outfit head check out all the other fun bloggers and their cute outfits! And be sure and stop by Deidre’s blog and signup for next months collaboration!

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