Bridals and some Friday Funnies

Hello, hello. So a couple weeks ago my husband had the opportunity to do his cousin’s formal wedding photos. Since it was about a week before the wedding I put together a bouquet for his fiancé to have during the shoot. I’m definitely not a floral designer by trade, but I love  trying new things and putting together bridal bouquet’s is a creative challenge I really like doing.

That being said this bouquet was definitely a challenge for me. They sent me the inspiration photo for her actual bouquet and I wanted to make something similar so there wasn’t a huge discrepancy between their formals and their wedding day photos (just one of my things..) Her inspiration photo was gorgeous and I was really excited to get started when I saw it.

I headed out with the kids a couple days later and picked up a beautiful array of flowers that I felt would do a really good job of capturing the essence of what the bride wanted. Things were going awesome, until I actually started putting it together and then I got major creative block. UGH! It was really frustrating because what I had pictured in my head was just not coming together. I finally had to figure out the core of the bouquet and then set it aside and go to bed.

Thankfully I woke up in the morning with a much clearer head and was able to finish the bouquet. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, but I was happy with it. I think the biggest thing I learned was intentionally messy bouquets are really hard to actually put together! Remember when we all use to wear messy buns, but it took forever to get them just right? (Okay, maybe that was just me) That is how I felt about this bouquet! It grew on me as the day went on and I reminded myself that I was not a professional and it takes time to learn something new!


Thankfully my husband’s photos are so much better than my dear sweet iPhone!

We did the photos up at the Utah State Capitol which is an absolutely beautiful building for photos of any sort. The bride and groom looked stunning and the bouquet fit the pictures so overall I was really happy with how it turned out.

Congratulations again Brett and Lisa! And thank you for letting me be part of your photos. If you want to see more you can check out my husband’s Instagram @pushpinpictures. He’s awesome and really fun to work with (shameless spouse plug).

Alrighty that post got a little longer than I planned, but I really want to share some funny things Carter has been saying lately because they crack me up (so bear with me). I’ve started writing them down in my phone so I don’t forget them and it is really fun to go back through and read them again. I’ll just share a couple today.

Carter: Share with me mom ( he then hands me his drink)
Me: Okay. (I then take a drink)
Carter: Not too much mom, just a little bit.

*I’ve been doing the Nike Fit App workouts at home and I usually workout in spandex shorts or capris.
Carter: Mom, these are my  comfy shorts
Me: Mhmm, yeah. (Trying to focus on my workout)
Carter: Those are your comfy workout shorts
Me: Sure (laughing now)
Carter: They keep your bum safe.

His new favorite thing to tell me is that he is pretending. It’s pretty adorable unless he is trying to use it to get out of trouble, but even then it’s still cute. Haha. Love my little guy and his imagination.

Hope you guys all have a happy Friday and a great weekend. It’s going to be 85 here today so I think we will be outside for most of the afternoon, winning!




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