Friday funnies 

We spent the afternoon at the Hill Air Force museum today and it was so much fun to spend some time as a family with nothing else to occupy our minds except each other! We are having a low key Memorial Day weekend just enjoying some rare quiet time together. 

I hope you all have something fun or relaxing planned do yourself and if not maybe some of Carters recent antics will give you a laugh to kick off the weekend. 

Laren spilt a container of sour cream on the floor.

Carter: next time don’t do that, next time listen to mom.

Laren: this has nothing to do with not listening to mom. 

Carter looking for Larens shoes
Carter: Your shoes could be anywhere, dad!

Carter petting Louie (the bunny)
Me: is Louie your buddy?

Carter: no Buddy was dads dog

Me: yes, but buddy can also mean friend. So Louie can be your buddy because he is your friend.

Carter: no! 

Me: Louie isn’t your friend?

Carter: no he is a bunny. 

Me: well bunnies can be friends. Is Sadie your friend?

Carter: no, friends are only for people!

Me: well animals can also be our friends.

Carter: No! Friend are for people right? 

Me: yes, people are friends

Carter: animals are pets. 

Laren teasing Carter
Laren: I’m going to put you in a cage 

Carter: no, boys don’t live in cages. They live in beds. Louie lives in a cage!

Carter at bedtime the other night

Me: Carter, time to say prayer.

Carter: *starts crying* I have bruises I can’t. 

Laren taking the lid off Carters Lunchable

Laren: I think he knows what I’m doing – takes the cookies out.

Carter: where are my cookies dad?
Happy Weekend!! 

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