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[small] How We Wore It - June-15

Have you ever been in a stage of parenting where you really want to implement something that you know is good and tons of people do, but it honestly just isn’t working for you? That has been the story of our lives with bedtime lately and despite all the actual expert advice that it’s healthier for kids to go to bed between 7-8, Carter will not go to sleep even if he has done nothing but run around all day, so he gets to go out on fun adventures like taking pictures at 8:30 at night with us.

I’m sure some of you think I’m crazy, but if he goes to bed that early he spends two hours jumping up and down in his room, tearing everything apart, and “sneaking out” despite having childproof doorknobs. He also has a blackout curtain and his room is pitch black, so I’m kind of at a loss other than to just let him stay up and do fun stuff with us. I’m just grateful he’s started sleeping in until 7:30 these days!

I also love encouraging him to try new things, like photography, and love getting to spend time with him doing something he enjoys. These little moments are some of my favorite and I’m so glad my husband captured them while we were shooting for this month’s How We Wore It with Deidre and friends.

If you’re new or don’t remember how it works here is a quick background –

The month before the post we all get an “inspiration outfit” from Deidre and our task is to create an outfit based on the photo. The outfit is our creative take on the original photo and can be inspired by any aspect of the photo. The real challenge is to create the outfit out of clothes we already own.

I love this concept because we all see outfits on Pinterest, in stores, or on other people that we love, but few of us have the ability to go out and buy that exact outfit. This challenge really requires you to think outside the box and make use of the clothes you already own, maybe realizing your closet it greater than you think it is!

Now to the good stuff! This month’s outfit came from Gentri Lee.


When I first saw this month’s outfit my reaction was a little muted because I usually use this collaboration as a push to try something new and get out of my normal and this outfit is SO me in SO many ways, haha.That being said this is the most comfortable outfit and it was a blast to put together!

  When I first moved to Utah and was going to BYU I was kind of embarrassed because I wore a lot of jeans and tee’s while the majority of girls on campus are in pea coats and boots. Not that I don’t love a good pea coat and a pair of riding boots because believe me, I DO, but the PNW is really laid back and casual and I tend to gravitate towards that.

I have quite the collection of men’s graphic tee’s from vacations, etc, but I don’t have a lot of cute women’s graphic tee’s which is something I want to rectify! There have been a lot of really cute ones I’ve seen like this adorable pineapple tee , but since the idea of this is to choose from your own closet I borrowed one of my favorite graphic tee’s from my husband’s closet. We’ll just pretend that’s not a common occurrence.

[small] How We Wore It - June-03

Tee // Columbia Sportswear
Button Up// J.Crew
Pants // Banana Republic
Shoes // Converse
Sunglasses // Fendi

Men’s graphic tees are so comfy so they are often my go to when I want to lounge around or when I’m traveling. I believe I picked this one up for my husband at the Columbia Outlet store in Woodburn, Oregon a couple years ago. It occasionally makes it’s way over to my side of the closet… I paired it with a chambre button up from J.Crew that I thrifted from Plato’s Closet last year. In all reality, I would probably wear a light sweatshirt with this top more than my button up, but the button up is really light weight so it’s perfect for adding just a touch of warmth on a windy summer night.

I went with my Banana Republic Skinny jeans that are really more like jeggings. I grabbed them hesitantly, but was so excited when they fit! This is the first time I’ve attempted to wear them since having my baby girl. These jeans are so soft and comfy, definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made.

My shoes are classic converse. You can never go wrong with a pair of converse. They are super cute and comfortable enough to wear around for the day whether you are out shopping or playing with your kids. My sunglasses are Fendi and were a gift from my sweet husband for my birthday last year. I had never owned a nice pair of sunglasses before and getting these was life changing! I can be cheap and don’t like to splurge on stuff like that, but these are amazing. I hate when I can’t find them and have to wear one of my other pairs.

{As always a big thank you to my husband for taking my pictures. You can check him out at Pushpin Pictures or over at Instagram @pushpinpictures.}

Now that you’ve seen my take on this month’s outfit head check out all the other fun bloggers and their cute outfits! And be sure and stop by Deidre’s blog and signup for next months collaboration!

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8 thoughts on “Bedtime Thoughts and How We Wore It // Comfy Casual

  1. Clearly I need to get some white converse, because every time I see them I swoon a little. You look fabulous, and hey, if late bedtime works for your lil dude, who even cares? You do you!


  2. Isn’t it so funny how trends change? I would take jeans and a t-shirt over peacoats and boots any day of the week, thankfully now it’s somewhat acceptable haha! You look great!


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