Florida Room

Do you ever get the itch to redecorate? My mom and I have been talking lately about updating our family lake house and it has gotten me in the mood to redecorate, unfortunately I have no budget for that at the moment, oh adulthood. When I was invited to participate in the Douglas Elliman Florida room challenge I thought it would be a great opportunity to layout some ideas for the lakehouse. Their Florida properties are so incredibly dreamy and made me want to jump up and move to Florida tomorrow, until I remembered how I hate snakes and am not so sure about all the Alligators. So instead I browsed their beautiful listings and daydreamed about how I could turn my family’s lakehouse into a dreamy Florida-esque getaway.

Confession time: I had never made a style board before this challenge! In all reality, that was probably a really good thing, because now I am hooked and thanks to the wonderful people over at Polyvore I can’t stop thinking about all the beautiful pieces of furniture I would decorate my home with if my budget was endless.

Okay, back on topic. The goal of the challenge was to create a room that would bring the aura of Florida to your home. Now, I’ve never been to Florida, but I’ve seen a lot of photos and when I think Florida I think of white sandy beaches with palm trees and clear blue waves crashing on the shore. I also think of cute beach houses that are cozy and intimate, but open and bright at the same time. If I close my eyes and picture what Florida would feel like I imagine warm open spaces.


I am not really one to have themed rooms, so I wanted to design a room that captured the aura of Florida without being too themed. I decided to start with neutral pieces that were warm and inviting, but also kept the room clean and bright. Then I picked a couple accent colors to pull in the feel of the ocean. I went with teal and blush and used different shades of each to add variety to the room. I picked decorations that were beach related, but kept them simple and clean. I think my two favorite pieces are the rug and the chairs. I love the rug because it reminds me of a mermaid tail and brings a pop of color to the room. The chairs are fun and reminiscent of striped beach lounge chairs, but in neutral colors that aren’t overbearing. The natural wood TV stand and side table really bring the outside in and their neutral tones help the accent colors stand out even more. I chose colored pillows and throws to stand out against the cream couch. If I were to do bookcases or any other furniture I would probably go with a white or slightly off colored white as light furniture makes the room feel more open than dark furniture would.


Click on the photo to view item details.

5 tips for creating a classy, but comfortable Florida inspired room in your own home

1. Stick with neutral furniture. You can add an element of fun with an accent chair or bright side table or coffee table, but keep the majority of your furniture neutral. Too many pieces of colored furniture can make a room feel disjointed. Neutral pieces also help keep your room feeling open and airy.

2. Pick one or two accent colors and stick with them. Pick colors that remind you of the beach, the ocean, or a fun beachside town. You can add a lot of variety to your room by using different shades of your accent colors. A great example is the rug I chose – it stays within my color pallet, but the different shades really make it pop.

3. Choose decorations that are simple and won’t detract from your overall feel. I love graphic signs, but signs that are too wordy or have too many colors can detract from the overall theme of a room. I like sticking with pieces that are timeless like the driftwood art and the turquoise vase. Also you don’t have to break the bank with your decorations. There are so many great places to find affordable statement pieces!

4. Sometimes less is more. When it comes to decorating it is really easy to go overboard, especially when you have a specific theme like a movie room or a beach room. You want to make sure your décor gets your theme across without making people’s heads hurt. Have a few signature pieces that you love, but make sure not to clutter the room with lots of small items.

5. Most importantly, make it yours and have fun with it!

How would you decorate your Florida room?

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