Mommy Style Monday: A Day at the Park

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was a little crazy, but it ended with a family water fight in our backyard before bed, so all is well. I don’t know about you, but I live for spontaneous water fights on summer nights.

Today I am excited to be linking up with Kiana and Madeline for their Mommy Style Monday series. This week the theme is a Day at the Park. I don’t know about you, but now that the weather is warm we spend a lot of time at the park trying to get energy out before it’s too hot in the day.

I decided to do something a little different and do a flat lay to show you some of my park day essentials.

Full shot

I carry more thing inside my diaper bag like diapers and wipes (although after not having a baby for three years I find I forget things like wipes). I also carry an extra change of underwear and shorts/pants for my son just in case something happens. But today I wanted to highlight the essentials I like to have on me when we are heading out to the park or meeting friends at a local playground.


Whenever I head out to the park I make sure I have sunscreen for myself and my son and a sun hat for Amelia since she can’t wear sunscreen yet. I’ve been really liking this Hang Ten mineral sunscreen. It is 100% mineral and free of parabans, etc. I also like to make sure I have a light swaddle blanket on me for Amelia to lay on or to use a shade if it is really sunny. Next I always make sure I have my carseat cover/ nursing cover. You can buy them everywhere these days, but I made this one. I also like to have a small toy for Amelia. She has been teething and this lifefactory silicone teething ring is one of her favorite toys to gnaw on.


When I am out at the park with Carter the biggest thing is making sure I have some sort of snack for him. Lately he has been loving these Lala yogurt smoothie’s and I love that they are healthy. Apple sauce packets and fruit snacks are also easy go to snacks I like to have on hand at the park. This cute penguin lunchbox is perfect for storing snacks and Carter loves toting it around. Usually he is pretty content to just run around and play on whatever is at the park, but sometimes we will grab a ball to take with us.


As far as me and the park, sometimes I will take a book, but usually I’m too busy trying to figure out where on earth Carter is to have time to read a book, so I just thought I would show you what a typical park outing outfit looks like for me. Ta-da! Haha. Usually I stick with a comfy tee and a pair of shorts and sandals. I love, love this shirt from Old Navy and my Bermuda’s from Banana Republic Factory are hands down my most comfortable jean shorts. I’m one who would run around barefoot all day in the summer, but that’s not exactly appropriate so I opt for comfortable non-restricting sandals like these ones from Target. I also cannot live without sunglasses, especially on bright sunny days.

There you have it, my park outing essentials. They are all pretty simple things that I tend to carry with me a lot, but forgetting one or two of them can be a complete game changer. It might take me a little extra time to get out the door, but if I can make it out the door with these essentials we are on the path for a great day at the park.

What are your park day essentials?

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