Flag Tees

You guys, we are just a couple weeks from the 4th of July and I am so excited. The 4th has always been my favorite holiday. I think it ranks higher than Christmas on my list. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from the 4th of July and now that I’m grown up and live away from family it is my favorite because I get to spend a couple weeks just enjoying summer with my entire family during this time.

Growing up we always got five dollar flag shirts from Old Navy and it was so engrained in me that I even made my husband get a flag shirt until last summer! Last summer I broke from our tradition of Old Navy Flag Tee’s because I found this one at Indy Brand Clothing and fell in love with it.

Flag Tee 2

I love the tribal pattern and I also love that it doesn’t have a year on it, sorry Old Navy, so I can wear it every year!

Flag Tee 3

This year I picked up shirts/outfits that are 4th of July shirts, so that we all at least coordinate. I will be rocking my Indy Brand shirt from last year and I got Carter and Amelia shirts / outfits from Old Navy. Laren doesn’t get to join us this year, boo, so he is exempt from my 4th of July shirt craziness!



1. Men’s Land of the Free – Old Navy  2. Baseball Flag – Gymboree 3. Boys Land of the Free – Old Navy  4. Traditional Flag Tee – Old Navy 5. Girls USA shirt – Gymboree 6. Indy Brand Flag Shirt – Indy Brand Clothing    7. USA Olympic shirt – Old Navy  8. Ice Cream Flag – Gymboree
All of the Gymboree shirts are on sale right now for a great price! I will definitely be getting some of their little girl American stuff for Amelia for next summer.


Do you have a 4th of July shirt tradition in your family? What’s your favorite Americana gear?


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