How We Wore It // Summer Workout

Hello!! I am on vacation and I’ve taken a little break from blogging while I am gone, but I’m back and linking up with Deidre and friends for this month’s How We Wore It and I’m so excited because this month is all about fitness wear.

If you’re new or don’t remember how it works here is a quick background –
The month before the post we all get an “inspiration outfit” from Deidre and our task is to create an outfit based on the photo. The outfit is our creative take on the original photo and can be inspired by any aspect of the photo. The real challenge is to create the outfit out of clothes we already own.

I love this concept because we all see outfits on Pinterest, in stores, or on other people that we love, but few of us have the ability to go out and buy that exact outfit. This challenge really requires you to think outside the box and make use of the clothes you already own, maybe realizing your closet it greater than you think it is!

Now to the good stuff! This month’s outfit came from  Looks for Lovelies

I was so excited, because spandex, yoga pants, sweats, etc., are my jam. Also I just picked up a new pair of running spandex that I am loving so I get to share them with you.

{Also disclaimer I am out of town at my family Lakehouse with spotty cell service and no internet, so yes these were taken on my iPhone #vacation}

I am one of those people who wears running spandex for hikes, summer night walks, working out, running, pretty much anything that involves some sort of exercise!

If you’ve been following me, you might have noticed I’m not a huge spender and I don’t really see the point in spending $$$ on clothes, especially workout clothes. I love finding affordable, comfortable clothes that make me feel good while working out.

My top is a Danskin dri fit top. Danskin carries so many great workout clothes at Walmart. They are super affordable, comfortable, and cute!

My pants are Avia, also from Walmart. I loved the pattern when I saw them. It reminds me of water and summer. It is a little hard to see, but they have mesh on the side and I love it! It is one of the newest trends in spandex and I am definitely a fan.

My shoes are Nikes I picked up at the outlet a couple years ago. I go back and forth between these and my Asics. I tend to use my Asics for running more and then I use these for workouts and walks.

I’m dying over these pictures because I do not do yoga, but my niece loves it and has been trying to show me poses all week, haha. Let’s just say it’s not my workout of choice, but I would love to take a class or two.


Also I am currently loving having my hair in braided pigtails. I feel a little bit like I’m in 5th grade, but I love wearing my hair in them my hair is short and layered so it’s hard to get it all into a ponytail without a million Bobby pins, but I only have to use a few when I do braids and they stay really well!

Top// Danskin

Pants // Avia

Socks // Gap – these are the best socks you guys!

Shoes // Nike

{As always a big thank you to my husband for taking my pictures. You can check him out at Pushpin Pictures or over at Instagram @pushpinpictures.}

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4 thoughts on “How We Wore It // Summer Workout

  1. Saying hi from a fellow HWWI blogger :)! I am all about finding affordable, but durable and comfortable (and flattering!) workout gear. I have a few things from Walmart and I love them. Your pigtails are adorable 🙂 I wear them working out as well, don’t worry! I love the blue in your pants.


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