Pretty in Pink

Summer is winding down here in Utah, but since it’s August and technically still summer until mid September I figure I can wear my these hot pink babies a little longer, don’t you agree?

[small] Payson Pink Pants 1

I picked these fun pants up at Plato’s closet a few years ago and I love them. They are part of Gap’s colored twill pant line they did. They are really comfy and provide a fun pop of color to any outfit.

This particular night I paired them with one of my favorite tops from the J.Crew Factory Outlet. It is a linen blouse with lace detailing and it is divine! I probably should have ordered it one size down, but it tucks in well and is a very class addition to any outfit.

I think the lace detailing is my favorite part of this top. It is so soft and feminine. I also bought this blouse in mint green and it is to die for!

I love easy summer outfits that feel really put together, but consist of a few simple items such as a staple top and unique pants. They are perfect for running around with your kids or going out for an ice cream with your husband on a warm summer night. I love these pants and I’m definitely not ready to store them away for the fall/winter seasons, maybe this year I’ll wear them all year long!


What is your favorite go to summer outfit?




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