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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. My husband finished up another semester of graduate school so we had a nice relaxing weekend as a family. It was so nice to unwind and spend some time together!

MSM Toys 9

Today’s Mommy Style Monday is all about  toys. I’m sure I’m not the only mom out there that has a love/hate relationship with toys. On one hand they are great for kids to develop their imagination and keep them occupied, but on the other hand they can be noisy and messy and a waste in some ways. There are days I want to just throw them all away, especially when my son says “I don’t have anything to play with.”

Thankfully there are so many neat toys that push kids to think outside the box and develop their cognitive skills and their imagination. These are definitely my favorite, hands down!

The blocks we were playing with during this shoot are by Melissa and Doug. (Side Note – I pretty much love all Melissa and Doug toys!) They are the type of blocks you would find in a kindergarten classroom and I love them! My son loves playing with them and is always coming up with different uses for them.

Some of my other favorite toys for kids are

  • Wooden train tracks and trains – we got a set from my brother and sister-in-law and then added to it with IKEA train tracks,
  • Puzzles – We have some of the large kids puzzles and they are great.
  • Marble towers – my in-laws have one and Carter loves it so much my mom bought him one for our house and it is the best.
  • Cars, trucks and diggers – especially for outside
  • Plastic animals and community sets – like Fisher Price Little People, except I love the old ones way better than the new ones!
  • Legos – right now we have the big block legos, but I’m definitely not opposed to Carter getting regular ones when he is a little older.

As you can see I really love toys that are a little more educational and require some imaginative play to use them. I also have really cool toy that has plastic screws and you can screw them into a little board and once your child can make patterns they can try and place the screws in the same pattern on the board. My mother-in-law got it for my son and it is a really cool toy. And let’s be honest my son loves drawing race tracks on cardboard boxes or using Jenga blocks to build car garages.

Don’t get me wrong, we definitely have fun less educational toys especially for our baby girl, but as my kids get older I would rather have a few really unique toys then a bunch of little plastic toys lying around the house. Also I am the type of mom who would rather my kids go outside and play then stay in and play with toys, so that’s probably part of it!

If you are wondering about my outfit, this is my go to at home mom outfit. My top is from Target, their classic tee’s are the best! My jeans are total mom jeans from Costco and I love them.

MSM Toys 11

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What are some of your favorite kids toys? 

8 thoughts on “Mommy Style Monday // Toys

  1. I want to get those blocks! They looks so fun! I remember having a bunch as a kid and we’d always make obstacle courses and stuff!
    We LOVE our marble tower and Duplo Legos! I love that they’re fun for me to play with, too, so we can all play together. 😊 Love the sweet photos of you with your kiddos!


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