Faith, Family, & College Football

Do you guys know what this weekend is? The official start of college football! Okay, there were a couple games last weekend, but College Gameday is this weekend and my two favorite teams play this weekend so it starts this week for me. A little fact about me: I love football, especially college football!


I grew up going to college football games at Oregon State University with my family and I just love watching it. My brothers played football all through high school and we went to every game. I remember trick-or-treating at a high school football game one year because they were in the State Playoffs and it was on Halloween.

As a college student I loved going to games at BYU and cheering on the cougars and now that I’m out of school and have a family I love going to a game when we get the chance or watching it on TV.


I am a huge OSU ( Oregon State University ) fan because my parents both went there and we went to games all the time as a kid. My family still goes to almost every home game, it’s definitely one of the things I miss about living in Oregon. I went to BYU so I also love the Cougars, but don’t be surprised to see me cheer for OSU over BYU (sorry honey).

We usually wear team colors on game day, but I saw some of the cutest football shirts over at Live Love Gameday and I knew I had to have one. Unfortunately, they didn’t have exactly what I wanted, but they gave me some great ideas and I ended up making my own using a DIY Screen Print method ( I’ll blog about that soon).

It didn’t turn out perfect, but I love it and I will definitely be sporting it all season long.

My bag is a Baggallini purse and it is so awesome you guys. My sister got one and the rest of us fell in love with it and ended up getting them. I love big pretty bags like Kate Spade and my Dolche and Gabbana bag, but I love this bag for running errands with the kids or going to a football game. It holds a surprising amount of things like diapers, wipes, a bottle plus my wallet and other odds and ends. I love that I can wear it cross body and the fabric is really durable so I can wash off all the different things I spill on it.

Also, I got these Nike’s last week and I am so in love with them. I’ve seen a few people wearing them and when they were on clearance I decided it was my chance to see what all the talk was about. I wear Asics for running, but I love having a fun pair of Nike’s for everyday casual shoes.


These are so fun and they are not like normal tennis shoes. The material is almost rubber like and it molds to your feet. It kind of feels like I’m wearing spandex on my feet and they are so comfy! I love them so much I’m tempted to get the blue ones, especially since they are still on clearance.


This isn’t sponsored, but I wanted to share it with you guys because I have the feeling this will become a go to casual outfit this fall for me! Add jeans and a vest when it starts to get cool or maybe even a sweater and I can wear it all football season, which is a win in my book!

Are you a football fan? What’s one of your favorite fall casual looks?



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