How We Wore It // Fall Sweaters

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I am linking up with Deidre and bunch of other fun bloggers for the first How We Wore It of this fall!

It’s been a few months, so here is a little refresher on how it works.

The month before the post we all get an “inspiration outfit” from Deidre and our task is to create an outfit based on the photo. The outfit is our creative take on the original photo and can be inspired by any aspect of the photo. The real challenge is to create the outfit out of clothes we already own.

I love this concept because we all see outfits on Pinterest, in stores, or on other people that we love, but few of us have the ability to go out and buy that exact outfit. This challenge really requires you to think outside the box and make use of the clothes you already own, maybe realizing your closet it greater than you think it is!

Now to the good stuff! This month’s outfit came from Diary of a Debutante

Coldwater Creek, Oversized Sweater, Navy Turtleneck, Stephanie Ziajka, Diary of a Debutante

I love everything about this outfit. It is the perfect essential fall outfit: neutral colors, boots, an over sized sweater, and simple accessories.  That being said, it is one of those outfits that I would normally shy away from because I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, which is why I love this collaboration so much!

I love sweaters (so much so that my husband was a little shocked when he saw all them as I was going through them) so I was excited to put together an outfit based off of this photo. I decided to go with a light gray cable knit sweater my husband got me from the GAP last year. It is a large, which my sweet husband said he got because he though over sized sweaters were trendy, and now that I’m not pregnant I love it because it has the casual over sized look without looking frumpy (bonus points honey!).

I paired it with my overalls, yes that’s right these are overalls, from Lettie Boutique and some of my favorite booties, also from Lettie Boutique. I haven’t worn overalls since I was in early middle school and I have to say I’m so glad they are back in style. These are so comfortable and I love the skinny leg. Plus, who can argue with a pair of overalls that can double as regular jeans?


These booties are perfect for fall because they are strappy and won’t make your feet super hot on those warm fall days and when it starts to get a little cooler you could pair them with a pair of dark gray socks and no one would even notice.

I loved the simplicity of this look so I opted for no accessories other than a few ring, including my wedding ring, and a pair of pearl earrings. You could easily dress it up for a night out on the town with a fun accent necklace and/or some bracelets.


While I wouldn’t feel like this was an outfit I could pull off if I saw it on someone else, I ended up loving it and will definitely  be wearing it on repeat this fall.

To see how the rest of the lovely ladies participating styled their looks head to their blogs! If you are interested in joining next month hop on over to Deidre’s blog and sign up. And as always a huge thanks to my sweet husband of Pushpin Pictures Photography for doing my photos.

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14 thoughts on “How We Wore It // Fall Sweaters

  1. You found an awesome wall! We have some great walls nearby and I’ve been wanting to take pictures there, but it’s so hard to coordinate to have someone else go with me to take them! Also, I love your sweater. 😉


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