Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends! I can’t believe how fast this past year went. Maybe it’s just me, but time seems to go by faster every year. 2016 was  a great year full of a lot of wonderful things in our family. It also had its moments of stress and anxiety, but we survived and are all looking forward to what 2017 holds for us!

We have great things happening in 2017 such as our oldest turning four years old and our baby turning one! My husband will have completed an entire year of his MBA program in March and June will mark my two year work anniversary at the hospital. Good things will happen and I am excited for them, but there were moments in 2016 that really made me want to make 2017 a different year.

I had some of those “ah ha” moments that made me stop and think about my life and my purpose and the direction I want my family and I to be going in. My husband and I always sit down and discuss goals for our family and individual goals for the new year, but I’ve never really let those goals take root in me and really do something in my life. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish both personally and professionally and I decided 2017 is the year to stop wishing and start doing.

So that leads me to my motto for 2017

“Live with Real Intent”

Intentionally living is something that has been lacking from my life lately and as I thought about what I wanted to accomplish this year most things came back to living intently and living with a purpose.

Some of the sub motto’s I have for the year are BE PRESENT, BE PURPOSEFUL, BE KIND, BE AWARE, and BE AUTHENTIC

I came across a quote I loved about intentionally living and it said “Live less out of habit and more out of intent.” Habits are good, if the habit is good, but I think too often we (me) get caught up in the things we feel we “have to do” and we get stuck in a rut based on habits we’ve formed rather than living starting our day with intent and purpose and then living in the moment while finding ways to still be aware of things around and outside of ourselves. That was a complete mouthful, maybe it’s better said by saying I want to find a balance between living for today, preparing for the future, and not being stuck inside my own world.

Today at church the individual teaching the lesson posed the question ” Am I the person the Lord wants me to be?” That question really stayed with me and influenced my choice to strive for intentionally living. Another question I added on for myself is “If I am not that person, what am I doing to become that person?” Christ is the ultimate goal for who I want to become and I want to live a life that allows him in and I think by living my life with more intent and purpose I am opening myself up more to having Christ in my life.

I’ve never done this before, but I also decided to pick a church hymn to go along with  my motto for the year. The hymn I chose is “More Holiness Give Me.” You can see the full lyrics here, but the part that stood out to me as I was pondering my goals for the year were the lines “More purpose in prayer,” “More strength to o’ercome.” I love the entire hymn, but I really feel that as I have more purpose in my life I will have the ability and the strength to overcome and do great things, especially as I turn to God.


I really, really loved this quote and it helped me look at what I to get out of more intentional living. As I’ve thought about it I’ve decided I really want to grow. I want to grow as a person, a mother, a wife, a disciple of Christ, a friend, an employee, etc.

Our family motto for the year comes from D&C 101:16 and it says “… Be still and know that I am god.” It can also be found in the book of Psalms. It goes really well with my personal goal of being intentional and more specifically being present. My husband and I have talked a lot about being present and pulling back to focusing on our family. With that we want to focus more on God and his role in our family and our relationships with each other.

Of course we have a lot of different, small, specific goals like getting in shape and finishing house projects, but we really want to be more present and more intentional in all the things we do in life.

So here’s to a new year. I hope it is a year of learning, and growing, and finding your passion and purpose!


What is your motto for the year?

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