Mommy Style Monday // Winter Activities 

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe it is already the middle of January? Today we are talking about winter activities for Mommy Style Monday!

Winter has hit hard this year in Utah and we have been dumped on with snow! I have lived in Utah for 7.5 years now and this is the most snow we have had since I have lived here!

We live near the mouth of a canyon, so our neighborhood tends to get more snow than some of the places below us which can make for some pretty intense snow days.

My neighbor measured and since Christmas we have had over 3.5 feet! A lot of it has melted with the winter rain, but the forecast shows snow Friday – Monday for us, so it looks like we will have plenty more to play in soon!


With a baby and an active 3.5 year old it can be hard to be snowed in for days at a time, but thankfully with our cozy snowsuits we can venture outside and make the most of our winter weather!

Our favorite activity this year has most definitely been sledding! Carter is old enough to be able go by himself and he loves it! He was a little shy at first, but now he would sled everyday!

With all of our crazy snow my husband built a sled run in our backyard and Carter lived on that thing before the snow melted! You can see a video on my Instagram .


We also ventured out to a sledding spot in our neighborhood and it was so much fun!

Another one of our favorite outside winter activities is simply playing in the snow. From snowball fights to snow angels it is always a blast to play in the snow. Especially Utah’s beautiful powder!


If you’re a little more adventurous another fun, but slightly dangerous activity (don’t say you weren’t warned) is sledding behind a 4-wheeler. My husband’s family are big 4-wheeler people and every year they go to a frozen lake and pull sleds behind the 4-wheelers. It is a blast! We missed it with the whole family this year, but we were able to do it at his parents house over Christmas. Carter thought it was pretty fun and no worries, he has an awesome ski helmet we picked up at Costco this year!


Some other fun activities we love to fill the long winter days are

  • Movies and hot chocolate
  • Snow science experiments
  • Snow ice cream
  • Shoveling! Yes, shoveling. Buy your child a small snow shovel, I promise it will be well worth it!
  • Making snow caves
  • Visiting winter sights such as Utah’s amazing ice castles!
  • Going to a local museum. I love visiting museums in the winter, it is a good way to get out of the house without having to go outside and play!
  • Swimming! We have the funnest recreation center with an amazing indoor kids pool. It’s perfect for getting out all that pent up energy!
  • I haven’t done it in a long time, but going to the hot springs is one of my favorite winter activities!
  • The toys that have done the best job entertaining when we can’t go outside are our Magnet tiles (These are the coolest!), Giant wooden blocks, good old play dough!

What are some of your favorite winter activities?


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Happy Monday!!

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