Happy Birthday Amelia


Happy birthday my beautiful little girl! I can’t believe you are already one. Last year around 3 in the morning my contractions were starting to get really strong, but I wasn’t scheduled to be at the hospital until 6:30 AM for my induction. I quietly climbed out of bed and got a hot bath going and tried to distract myself. When your dad woke up around 5:30 he couldn’t believe I hadn’t woken him up! We got ready and hurried to the hospital.


When I got all checked in I was at a 4 and doing really  well so they decided they didn’t have to induce me after all, you were on your way! I got my epidural and they broke my water and before I knew it I was getting ready to push. I started pushing around 11 and 45 min later you were born! It was a wonderful and fast labor, especially since you were a vbac. We couldn’t believe how much hair you had and were in complete awe you were finally here!


This last year has flown by and it has been pretty obvious you were meant for our family! After my miscarriage I was devastated and while all I wanted was another baby I still had feelings of fear and sadness when I first became pregnant with you. It didn’t take long though for those feelings to melt away into excitement for you to join our family. And after you were born it was pretty clear you were exactly what we needed. You filled a gap in our lives we didn’t even know was there.



This past year has been amazing and it has been so much fun to see you learn and grow. You are the happiest, most patient baby always smiling and going along with whatever chaos is happening! You love your big brother so much and it melts my heart to see the way you look at him. Lately dad has become a favorite too and you grin and giggle whenever you see him on the stand at church or when he comes home from work. You love to explore, but will still snuggle up with me and your bottle and those are moments I treasure so much.


You are already full of spunk and some sass and I can’t wait to see your personality develop over this next year. I hope you always keep your spunk and sass and grow to be a strong woman. I hope with all of your spunk you also learn to be kind and compassionate and loving and never think twice about stopping to help someone in need. I hope you triumph over heartache and learn that love and hardwork can take you wherever you need to go in life. I hope you get to experience the world and see the beauty it has to offer. I have so many hopes and dreams for you, but above all I hope you always remember how much I love you and that no matter what happens in you life I will always be there cheering you on!




Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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