Kids Valentine’s Day Fashion// Part III






Amelia’s Outfit: Top – Old Navy // Pants Pants – OshKosh // Bow – Little Fern Design, this bow was custom, but I linked a similar bow // Shoes – Ebay

Carter’s Outfit: Top – Old Navy, Carter’s top is currently out of stock, but they have some other cute options and it may still be in your local store! // Pants – Old Navy

Magnus: Bow Tie – Little Fern Design

While I adore all of the outfits I’ve shared, this one might be my favorite! I love this top from Old Navy that Amelia has on. It is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but the black and white makes it perfect for any other day too. The black and white is so classy and the peter pan collar is the cherry on the top for me.

Her bow and Magnus’s bow tie are matching corduroy and they are so fun. I love the texture the corduroy gives to the bow. It isn’t in Nicole’s shop, but she has some other similar ones that are really cute. Magnus wasn’t too keen on the bow tie at first, he is still getting used to having a collar.

Carter’s shirt is also Old Navy and I am so sad it is out of stock online! It may be in your local store though, so be sure and check it out! I really likes this top because it is festive, but not over the top and can be worn for my then Valentine’s Day (feel a theme here? haha).

Carter’s jeans are also Old Navy. I really love their little boy jeans. They wear really well which is important when your little boy is as active as Carter. When he was 1 and 2 he ruined so many clothes because he just plays so hard! When I find jeans that last I will gladly give my money to whoever sells them and Old Navy has definitely gotten a lot of my money. Haha.

This post (none of these posts) was not sponsored in any way. I just wanted to share some of my favorite Valentine outfits and where I got them. I hope this has given at least a few people some fun outfit ideas! I am always on the hunt for quality kids clothes that are affordable and cute! So please share away in the comments! I would love to hear where you find your favorite kids clothes!

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