Amelia’s Floral Cake Smash







Happy Thursday everyone! We are one day closer to the weekend and I am so ready for it! I got hit with a nasty cold and just want to snuggle up in bed dreaming of Amelia’s delicious smash cake!

We didn’t do a cake smash for Carter’s 1st birthday, but we had a lot of friends around so we did a fun birthday party for him. I also feel like we have way more pictures of Carter as a little baby than Amelia, poor second child syndrome, so I really wanted to get some fun pictures of her and do a cake smash.

Having a husband who does professional photography really comes in handy when you want to do projects like this! He set up his pop up photography studio in our living room and I did the backdrop, the cake, and Amelia’s outfit and let him go to town on the photos.

I have had a lot of questions/compliments about Amelia’s tutu she has on. I got it on Amazon for $16.00 and then used Rit dye to custom dye it. It took me a little bit as I didn’t realize I had to use a special dye because of the material, but I love how it turned out. It is a polyester nylon mix, so I had to use Rit More dye and it worked like magic. I got it online on their website and I loved it because they had a color chart that gave you recipes for every color shade you could think of (and no this isn’t sponsored).

I got her onesie at Walmart and then used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the one for her shirt. I used Cricut Iron on Glitter Vinyl. It is super easy to use and I love how well it holds up. I get mine at Joann’s. Her bow is a sweet lace bow from Little Fern Design and I believe it is still available in her shop!

Her cake is a chocolate butter pecan cake with a simple buttercream frosting. I didn’t want to do anything crazy with the cake and so I stuck with the “naked” frosting idea and used some small fake peonies and a glitter one from Hobby Lobby to decorate it.

The flower wall is made of fake flowers from Hobby Lobby and some clear jewelry thread. I saw the idea on Pinterest and fell in love with it. I took two different tutorials ( here and here) and combined them and it was perfect. I wanted a classy and sweet backdrop, but nothing that would be too distracting. The flowers were surprisingly easy to put together and the end result with her tutu and cake were everything I could have wanted!

As you can see from the pictures Amelia had zero hesitations about diving into her cake and she was very upset when we took it away. To say this girl loves food, especially sweets is a total understatement! I’m so thankful we did this shoot just so I can have these sweet photos to look back on and remember her and her fun personality at this age!

How do you like to celebrate 1st birthdays at your house?


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