Donuts made easy 

Happy Friday! Utah had us gearing up for an early spring and then dropped 9+ in of snow on us, so we are back to snuggling up inside with movies and hot chocolate for the time being.

Whatever your current weather situation I like to think donuts are a great idea and today I’m sharing the easiest homemade donuts!

I knew we were going to do a smash cake for Amelia a few days before her birthday, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do on her birthday until I was in JoAnns a few days before and I saw their baked donut display (not sponsored, this totally happened!). We love donuts at our house and the display was so cute and so easy that I decided it was the perfect treat for Amelia’s actual birthday.

We’ve made homemade fried donuts before and they are so yummy, but we had never made baked ones and let me tell you after this I’m not sure we’ll go back to fried ones at home!

These were so incredibly easy and turned out amazing! Plus who can argue with heavenly premade mix and glaze. If you’re like me and think there is no way that bottle glaze is yummy, think again. It is delicious and while I’m sure there are those of you who can make a killer donut glaze, I am happy to stick with these.

For the actual donuts all you do is add milk and eggs and then pipe it into the donut pan. Cook for 8-10 min or until they look done. Let them cool for a few minutes before popping them out of the pan and then glaze away!

The glazes have to be heated up without the cap for about 15 seconds and then you put the cap back on and drizzle to your hearts content. Seriously, this is the easiest way to make donuts at home.

The kids loved them, which doesn’t say a lot for Amelia because she inhales anything with sugar, but Carter is a little pickier about his baked sweets and ate so many!

– side note – she loves sweets so much, she bawled from the time we took these clear through her happy birthday song, until she got a donut!!

Also I just can get over how cute that little donut pan is or how versatile. I made donut brownies for Valentine’s Day and they were so so good! If you want to get creative there are tons of great baked donut ideas on Pinterest and at Walmart the other day I saw a Krispy Kreme baked donut mix!

Do you like baked donuts? What is your favorite recipe? What is your favorite baked treat?

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