Mommy Style Monday: Favorite Things Spring Box

Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and your Monday is going well so far!

Today I am back linking up with Kiana and Madeline of Mommy Style Monday with a super fun favorite things box exchange we did.

When Kiana reached out about participating in a favorite things box exchange I was so excited. I recently did a favorite things night with some girlfriends and it was super fun so I knew this would be too! Kiana randomly assigned us someone to send a box too and we go to put together a box of our favorite spring items to send to another blogger.

I had so much fun putting my box together and sending it to Juli over at Enjoying the Journey. To see what some of my favorite affordable spring items are for me and my son head over there and check out what I sent her.

I got a box from the sweet Chandler over at Life as a Larsen and we had so much fun going through all of the things she sent!

First off she sent the most adorable card with it that I just love. I have a thing for unique or cute cards and this will definitely be added to my collection.

Favorite Things Spring Box tablecloth bubbles journal and sunflower kit

Second up is this super fun tablecloth she sent me. I love getting the vinyl tablecloths with the flannel backing during different holidays as a fun way to get in the spirit and protect my table from any crafts or kid spills, so I was so excited when I opened the box and found this one. I love, love, love the bright stripes. They are perfect for warming up my kitchen and making it feel like summer on these rainy spring days we’ve been having. If you want to get one for yourself I believe it is from Target.

Next up are these cute little notebooks/journals. I love having a notebook on me and being able to jot things down when they come to mind so these are perfect for having in my purse or diaper bag. I love the designs on the front. They are so pretty and calm and inspire me to write!

Favorite Things Spring Box water color journal notebook small

My son was absolutely thrilled to see that Chandler had sent over some fun bubbles in our box. It was raining when we shot this so we decided to try something new and blow the bubbles onto a piece of paper. It was super fun because they are colored bubbles so it morphed into its own little art project. Carter is obsessed with bubbles so these were a huge win for him and I’m always game for things that keep him busy and engaged!

Lastly she sent over this adorable little sunflower kit. I actually have been picking up little kits like these at Target the last month (great minds think alike!) in preparation for some spring projects with Carter so I was really excited to see this. I love sunflowers and I know Carter will absolutely love getting to help grow one with this kit.

It was so fun to get our box from Chandler and her favorite spring items! I loved everything we got and we had so much fun going through the box and discovering new favorites!

A big thank you to Chandler for sharing her favorite spring items and another big thank you to Kiana and Madeline for putting this together! Be sure and stop by all the other bloggers who participated to give some love and see what their favorite spring items are!

As always if you are interested in joining us for the next Mommy Style Monday sign up on Kiana or Madeline’s blog and keep your eye out for another favorite box exchange!

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Hope you have a marvelous Monday and a fabulous week!
I’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite spring items this year?

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