Birthday Zoo Visit

[small] Birthday Zoo Trip-1


[small] Birthday Zoo Trip-7

[small] Birthday Zoo Trip-8

[small] Birthday Zoo Trip-10

[small] Birthday Zoo Trip-13

None of these photos are picturesque model family outing photos, but I want to do a better job of sharing the activities we do as a family and my husband did a fantastic job of capturing the reality of fun family outings with our kids.

I love seeing Carter’s expressions as he is searching for the next thing to look at and I especially love the photo of him running off because it perfectly captures him. He rarely walks as running is just better and he has so much enthusiasm for life and is always looking for the next great thing.

Amelia loved the zoo and was enthralled by the animals and obsessed with trying to get out of the stroller, haha. She is so much fun these days being a little blonde busybody! She does not like being confined and was not happy with me when I put her back in the stroller after her excursion sitting on the tiger statue.

We had so much fun at the Zoo, the weather was gorgeous and all of the animals were out and about! Carter ran from exhibit to exhibit, but he loved seeing all the animals and exploring the gift shop with grandma. We can’t wait for our next visit!

What do your typical family outings look like?

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