Easter Eggs and the Perfect Spring Tee

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday and overall Easter weekend. We had a great time doing Easter activities and spending time with family. I love Easter so much because it is a set aside time to think about Jesus Christ, but I also love it because it feels like the beginning of spring.

Outside our apple trees are blossoming, the tulips have bloomed, and everything is full of new life and hope. The weather is also a lot warmer so hurrah for that!

We didn’t get around to doing Easter Eggs until Saturday afternoon. It was a crazy morning, but we squeezed some time in before work to hangout as a family and make beautiful eggs!

This year I added extra food coloring to the dyes to make them a little more intense and it worked surprisingly well! It did change some of the original colors, but it was fun to do something different.

We also used pastry brushes to decorate half of our eggs. It gave them that pretty water color / tie dye effect.

Carter thought the pastry brushes were really fun because he got to “paint” the eggs rather than just wait for them to dye. It was a super fun experiment that would be a fun art project any time of the year!

Sometimes I’m not the best at doing art and science projects with my kids, but this really made me want to be better at that! Carter was super interested in dyeing the eggs and did a great job. Amelia had fun watching on and admiring the eggs from afar 🙂

Being a stay at home mom I am always looking for clothing that is comfortable, kid proof, and still looks decent at the end of the day. I picked up this top in this pretty purple (and a few other colors… ) and I am in love with it. It is so soft and comfortable. I wear it all the time! It’s been to the park, Easter egg hunts, work, at home days, and Easter egg dyeing. I found it at my favorite little boutique in Provo – Cozy. If you are familiar with Provo it is by the DownEast and Walmart Marketplace on University Parkway.

I am definitely going to have to go by and get more before she runs out because it is seriously the perfect basic spring tee! I need to see if I can find the same or similar tee online somewhere because it is awesome and online shopping is my jam.

I hope no matter what you did your Easter weekend was great and if you’re in Utah county do yourself a favor and run over to Cozy and stock up on these tee’s. I promise you’ll thank me!

Did you guys do any fun Easter activities this weekend?

Where are your favorite places for comfy basic tees?


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