Easter Pictures and Life Updates

Easter Pictures Family photo

After church on Easter Sunday we snapped a few family pictures so I thought I’d share them with some family updates! I was glad we got a few good ones, but I think my favorite photos are the “not so good” ones.

These two crack me up because Amelia is the sweetest, most patient little girl until she isn’t and then she lets you know how unhappy she is!

Easter Pictures pouting baby pink dress

She cheered up once she got the step to herself… Amelia is a little firecracker and it is so fun to watch her grow! She is 14.5 months and full of energy. She isn’t walking, but can climb halfway up the slide at the park and stand by herself on our memory foam mattress, so you know… She is into everything and can get around pretty fast without walking so I have to make sure I keep things up and doors shut! She is so happy (most of the time:) ) and loves her dad and playing with her brother. She is warming up to the dogs, but is not their biggest fan.

Carter got kicked off the steps by Amelia, so I didn’t get an individual picture of him, but I love these because he is trying to hard to be sweet and loving to Amelia. He is learning that sometimes being a big brother means putting up with hair pulling and sharing toys you really don’t want to share, but he is doing a great job! Carter loves riding his bike and has gotten really fast! We have to jog to keep up with him these days. He loves swimming and playing outside and can’t wait until summer!

Just an idea of how family pictures really go ;)! Laren is still working hard these days. He made it through his first year of graduate school and has 1.5 years left – woohoo! He is still working in Salt Lake and doing photography on the side. His life is crazy busy so we’re always grateful when we get to just hangout and play with him.

Easter Pictures Family smiling daddy daughter

I’m keeping busy balancing work, home life, church, and everything else life throws my way! I officially took a job as a part time crisis worker in the ED. I’m still at the hospital, but in the ED and not doing PRN work these days. I love it and am glad to have a permanent schedule. I’m working with the 10-11 year old girls at church and I love it, they keep me young!

Overall, life is good. We’re busy, but enjoying most moments and working hard to make the best of the not so fun moments!


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