Mancessories: Upping your man’s style with JORD Watch + Giveaway

man wearing jord conway series walnut jet black unique wood watch joseph aboud gray suit aviator sunglasses

**A huge thank you to JORD watch for sponsoring this post today. All opinions are 100% my own and as always I only talk about products I truly love and believe in!

Hey guys! Today I’m stepping a little bit out of my normal comfort zone and talking about menswear. It might seem a little random since I normally talk about my kids, home décor, and women’s fashion, but I try to encompass all the different parts of my life, and one of those parts is menswear believe it or not, haha.

My husband isn’t a huge shopper, and I still remember my shock when I got him to not only try on clothes at the GAP, but walk out with new clothes. After 5.5 years of marriage he is somewhat more tolerant of shopping, but it is no where near his favorite thing to do, so I tend to do most of it for him.

He has a fairly simple, laidback, classy style so he is pretty easy to shop for, but it wasn’t always that way. When I first started shopping for him I was never quite sure what to buy because he could be picky and I felt like I had to have him with me or I had to send pictures of clothes so he could approve them before I bought them. Over the last 5 plus years, I’ve gotten better at knowing what things he likes and he’s gotten less picky so I usually feel pretty confident in my purchases.

When it comes to accessories like shoes, socks, watches, belts, etc., his style has changed a few times so I’m not nearly as confident and still find myself sending pictures of dress shoes before I buy them. That might seem silly because dress shoes are dress shoes right? Wrong, accessories might be small and seem insignificant, but I’ve learned they can be game changers when it comes to the overall statement an outfit can make.

I’m getting better at figuring out his style in that category, but I’ve found the best way to rock in the menswear accessories department is to take a product he loves and find variations of said product or products that are really similar in style and make. This takes a lot of the guessing out especially when I find a great brand he loves like JORD wood watches.

man wearing jord conway series walnut jet black unique wood watch joseph aboud gray suit hand in pocket closeup

I first discovered JORD wood watches about a year and a half ago when my husband told me he wanted a wood watch. I think my first thought was “a wood watch? interesting…” It probably wouldn’t have been my first pick, but I checked out the watches he sent me and was decently impressed. They were very cool, but there was something lacking for me so I started researching other companies that sold wood watches which is when I stumbled onto JORD and was honestly blown away. Their watches were beautiful and the quality was amazing. I knew when I bought my husband a wood watch it would come from them. My husband was equally impressed and had a hard time picking out a watch because he loved several of them. (Also, yes this is a sponsored post, but this story is 100% true). Their watches are so awesome my husband went from being an occasional watch wearer to an everyday watch wearer.

So when JORD reached out to me about reviewing one of their current watches, saying yes was a pretty easy decision. I mean, he already has a watch, but just like with women’s accessories, variety in men’s accessories is important because different suits need different watches. I mean, we don’t need to go overboard and buy our men a different watch for every suit they own, but just like certain ties make your outfit pop so can other accessories like watches.

Other than the amazing look of JORD watches we ( my husband and I ) love them for their amazing quality. Both their men’s watches and their women’s watches are the best quality and are handcrafted from natural sustainable material. Yep, you read that right – handcrafted from natural wood. My husband is wearing the Conway Walnut and Jet black watch and I loved reading all the fun facts about it here. Another thing I love about JORD is their transparency. They share about each different type of wood and tell where it comes from, how sustainable it is, and some basic facts about it. That is a quality that is hard to find in companies and something I really appreciate.

Some of the other things I love about JORD are that they will custom size your watch and their sizing is perfect. My husband gave them his wrist size when we ordered and he says it fits great! They also provide great information on how to care for your watch and their packaging is to die for! I may be odd, but I really appreciate great packaging and JORD’s is on point 100 percent.

I know some of you might be thinking that watches are somewhat irrelevant with smart watches and smart phones, etc., but even if your man doesn’t use his watch to tell time they are a great way to add an extra element of class and professionalism to his office wear and everyone could use that!

man wearing jord conway series walnut jet black unique wood watch joseph aboud gray suit aviator sunglasses smiling

AND because I’d hate to leave you hanging here are some more great men’s accessories that add individuality and class to any outfit.

Dress Socks – boring old solid color dress socks are a thing of the past. I know, this surprised me too, especially when my semi-conservative husband came to me and told me he wanted “colorful” dress socks. I about died, but gladly did my best to find him some he’d love. When looking for colorful dress socks my tips are look for bold colors, fun but simple patterns, stripes, or color blocking. I wouldn’t get too crazy and for the office I’d stay away from character socks.

Belts – Belts can be surprisingly classy (and expensive!). My husband’s favorite type of belts are click belts. He loves them because there are no holes to stretch out and the fit is always perfect. Amazon has a great selection of classy ones for a decent price.

Shoes – Dress shoes can add a lot or take away a lot from an outfit, especially a dressier office outfit. They can be an expensive investment, but it is important to keep your shoes in good shape and get new ones when your old ones start to be a drag on your professional look. I let my husband buy his own shoes and his favorite place to get them is Zappos. They have a great selection and decent prices especially for nice brands like Steve Madden (yes they sell men’s dress shoes).

Ties – Ties aren’t always a must have and a lot of professional offices don’t require them. However, some work places do and they are a nice touch especially when interviewing for a new job. I know a lot of people believe price = quality, but to be honest I have gotten my husband some really awesome, classy ties for less than $15 and sometimes I buy them at one of our local grocery stores (gasp!). Personally, I feel the key to ties is keeping them simple. Patterns and stripes are great, but keep the colors simple and classy, and don’t go overboard. Less is more and you don’t have to pay $35 plus to buy a nice tie.

man wearing jord conway series walnut jet black unique wood watch joseph aboud gray suit walking up stairs

If you made it through that, congratulations! I hope some of those tips were helpful and can bring some peace of mind when you are out shopping for the man/men in your life. AND because you are all awesome I have a special treat for you – a JORD watch giveaway! To enter the contest, like my Instagram photo dated today 5/4/17 and click this giveaway link for a chance to win a $100 gift voucher toward any watch. As a bonus everyone who enters will get a $25 voucher toward any watch! The contest will end Sunday May 14th so be sure and enter ASAP!

Luxury Wooden Watch

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